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Become a member

Becoming a HIC-Vac member at any level is free, and members can apply to move between levels as they gain experience and expertise. 

It's simple to apply for membership; just download and complete the form below, then email it to our to our Network Communications Lead, Emma Smith ( There are also some handy guidelines available.

Download our membership form

Download our membership terms and conditions


What level of membership is right for me?

The HIC-Vac Network offers three levels of membership, and the following information should help guide whatlevel is appropriate for you:

Membership level:




Who should apply?

Senior members of the scientific, advocacy or vaccine development community who:

- work directly in human infection challenge research

- have been awarded their own funding

- work independently leading their own research group  

- will add value to the Network community

- Early career postdoctoral scientists working on research directly related to human infection challenge.

- Postdoctoral researchers working in a field/discipline related to human infection challenge (e.g. vaccinology, ethicists, regulatory experts), who want to form collaborations and gain experience.

- Group leaders and postdoctoral researchers working on the development of vaccines for high-impact pathogens, who are interested in our findings.

Everybody else who is interested in human infection challenge research.

Who assesses membership?

Network Management Board (NMB)

Organisational group

Automatically upon application

How often?

Quarterly at next NMB meeting, or exceptionally by NMB Chair’s action.


Automatically upon application

What are the benefits?

- Eligible to apply for pump-priming and training grants.

- Invitation to the HIC-Vac Network annual meeting.


- Eligible to apply for pump-priming and training grants in collaboration with a Network Investigator.

- Invitation to the HIC-Vac Network annual meeting.

Newsletters, twitter updates


If you have any queries, please send them to our Network Communications Lead, Emma Smith ( or the Network Manager, Claire Puddephatt ( As a member you will automatically be added to our newsletter subscription list; please just let Emma know if you do not wish this to occur, or want to unsubscribe at any point.