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Dr Lucinda Manda-Taylor

Dr Lucinda Manda-Taylor
Senior Lecturer, Bioethics
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Institute: University of Malawi



I am a senior lecturer in ethics/bioethics in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine within the Department of health Systems and Policy, University of Malawi, College of Medicine. I am an ethicist and social scientist/qualitative researcher by training and profession. My education and research experience has provided me with the requisite expertise, training, motivation, and leadership skills essential for the conduct of qualitative research. My work experience has provided me with a broad and contextual background in research ethics. My qualitative research work seeks to explore the perceptions of members and stakeholders in the research community on the ethical conduct of research and clinical practice, community barriers that impede access to health care and factors that determine access and uptake to health services, particularly maternal health services.


Key Publications

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