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Dr Marc Henrion

Dr Marc Henrion
Head of Statistical Support Unit
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Institute: Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme



My research is in the field of applied biostatistics. I have deep interests in statistical genetics: genetic epidemiology, biomarker discovery, network reconstruction from -omics data. My background lies in classification and related pattern recognition techniques, many of which fall under the more general banner of machine learning. In terms of applications, I have mostly experience working with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease datasets, as well as some limited experience with stem cell RNA-seq data. More recently, with my move to Malawi, my focus has shifted to tropical medicine and infectious diseases. In terms of statistics, since starting at MLW, I have been working on latent variable models, longitudinal data analysis, clinical trials and network reconstruction of data on a variety of diseases and pathogens.


Key Publications

A list of publications can be found here


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