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Dr Thushan de Silva

Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow
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Institute: MRC Unit The Gambia/Imperial College London



The focus of my current research is the detailed mucosal and systemic immunogenicity of live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) in Gambian children using a systems vaccinology approach, including interactions with the host nasopharyngeal microbiome. In the context of a clinical trial where Gambian children aged 2 – 4 are immunised with intranasal trivalent LAIV, I have set up a pipeline to assess serum and mucosal humoral responses, influenza-specific systemic T-cell responses, transcriptomic studies and vaccine virus shedding at the MRC Gambia.

I am interested in using LAIV as a human infection challenge model in children, with vaccine shedding as a surrogate marker of infection. In this context, we are able to evaluate both naturally occurring and vaccine-induced immune responses that are associated with influenza virus replication in the nasopharynx.


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