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Professor Peter Openshaw

Professor of Experimental Medicine, HIC-Vac Network Director
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Institute: Imperial College London  



I am Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial, an NIHR Senior Investigator and an Honorary Consultant Physician in respiratory medicine.

My research focusses on immune defences of the respiratory mucosa, developing new methods of characterizing T cells (especially intracellular cytokine staining); my interests are in viral lung disease, vaccination and immunopathogenesis. I have worked on extensively on mouse models of RSV and influenza and led a consortium (‘MOSAIC’) on hospitalized patients with influenza and now conduct studies of patients and human volunteers experimentally infected with RSV and influenza.

I was elected President of the British Society for Immunology in 2013 (re-elected 2017, the first clinician to hold this post) and am the inaugural President of the International RSV Society (2017). I was vice-President of the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI, 2008-14) and the European Councilor for the Society for Mucosal Immunology until 2017. I served on JCVI subcommittees on influenza and RSV and am interim Chair of NERVTAG (a DH advisory committee on outbreaks of pandemic potential).

I am a co-applicant on the Imperial’s Health Protection Research Unit in Respiratory Infection and Theme Lead for Infection on Imperial’s Biomedical Research Centre (£90m, 2017-22). I am Imperial’s Lead Investigator on the EMINENT consortium (MRC/GSK £16m, 2015-20) and lead the HIC-vac network.


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