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Dr Nigel Temperton

Dr Nigel Temperton
Senior Lecturer, joint Unit Director
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Institute: University of Kent



My research interests lie primarily in emerging/re-emerging and transboundary viruses (SARS and MERS coronavirus, pandemic/inter-pandemic influenza, rabies/lyssaviruses and other exotics) and the methods for their control, in particular, control by vaccination induced humoral responses. I have established novel virus antibody neutralization assays for human and animal viral pathogens (Influenza HPAI H5N1/H7N1, interpandemic Influenza H1/H3/FluB and other wild bird subtypes, SARS coronavirus and rabies/lyssavirus) using retroviral and lentiviral vector technologies. In 2011 I co-established the Viral Pseudotype Unit (VPU), a purpose built, dedicated viral pseudotype R&D laboratory. The role of the VPU is to act as an interface between academia, industry, animal and public health laboratories with the purpose of translating basic virus research into in vitro cell culture based assays that can be readily employed for testing vaccines (immunogenicity), antivirals (cell-entry assays) and therapeutic antibodies (mAb potency).


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