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Guiding principles for researchers applying for funding for human infection studies could help to invigorate...

Freshwater snail

Nine research teams are each receiving around £100,000 of seed-funding to help set up or improve volunteer...

HIC-Vac stand

Over the weekend of 28-29 April, Imperial College opened its gates to welcome children and their families to...


Hands holding a vaccine

A new, more potent flu vaccine to be given to the over 65s has been...

Blood sample

Understanding the causes and spread of disease is crucial to improving human (and animal) health. The...

Modern-day volunteer infection studies are carefully managed. The aim is to deliberately expose healthy...

Human infection studies in the news

Professor Peter Openshaw comments on the recent headline about an infection scare on an Emirates flight.

National article.

Professor Peter Openshaw talks about the NHS at 70 and the impact of mass vaccination programmes.

Independent article

Dr Chris Chiu talks to the Telegraph and the Daily Mail about his HIC-Vac funded work to understand flu infections better. 

Telegraph article (needs subscription)

Daily Mail article

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