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HIC-Vac Annual Meeting 2019

HIC-Vac's Annual Meeting 2019 took place in Windsor, November 18-19. Around 70 HIC-Vac members attended to take part in the two day meeting. 

The programme was broad and varied, including longer talks from teams with experience of setting up and running challenge studies (including pertussis, flu, malaria and leishmaniasis), wider topics relating to the field (including social science, ethics and public confidence), and updates from pump priming awardees.

The talks stimulated lots of discussion, both during the sessions and continuing into breaks and the networking session in the evening.   

If you were able to join us, it was a pleasure welcoming you, and we hope you found the meeting both useful and enjoyable. If you weren't able to attend, some of the talk presentations are available below if you are interested.

 Understanding the social and ethical implications of Human Infection Studies in Kenya

 Gene expression of candidate GAS vaccine antigens in natural vs controlled infection

 Why adopt doe-response experimental designs in vaccine efficacy studies?

 Public confidence in vaccines and CHIM studies

 Development of a controlled human challenge model for leishmaniasis

 Establishing controlled human infection models in Vietnam: ethical and regulatory challenges

 Considerations for a Group B Streptococcal Human Challenge Model – Update from the field

 Controlled human mycobacterial infection models

 First controlled human malaria infection model in Europe for Plasmodium vivax vaccine efficacy testing

 Identifying host gene biomarkers of bacterial infections using human challenge models

 Developing Countries’ Vaccine Manufacturers’ Network International

 Enhancing mucosal immunity to Streptococcus pneumoniae by nasal administration of live attenuated strains 

 A human challenge model of Bordetella pertussis infection

 Functional characterisation of mucosal antibodies against influenza (MUC-Ab)